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This has been an important week for the Euro due to the fact that there were risks according to which the European currency is going to be faced with a tremendous fall due to the fact that the sovereign debt crisis continues to be important in the region and to the speculations regarding the European Central Bank’s decision concerning the interest rates.

The decision of the European Central Bank has been taken today and it was that of maintaining the same value of the interest rates, but of expanding the program of bond purchases. The announcement of this decision has caused the Euro to fall at the beginning, but the European currency has managed to rebound afterwards. The European Central Bank has announced today the fact that it leaves its target Minimum Bid Rate at the value of 1.50 percent, decision which has been forecasted by most of the market’s analysts, even though there have been some of Read more »

The trading session today turned out to be favoring the risk appetite currencies, causing the safe-havens to fall. This is related to the speech held by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, which insisted upon the fact that there are mo additional policy measures to be taken given the fact that he and the other policy makers continue to be confident in what it concerns the evolution of the US economy on mid- and long-term. This has generated an increased appetite for risk, which has been seen in the trading session on Monday.

Traders to tend to believe that additional stimulus could be in the pipeline, but the moment has not yet come. Nonetheless, the speech held by Bernanke suggested that there are chances for new policy measure to be taken in the situation in which they would be necessary, and these comments seem to have persuaded traders. However, the reactions to this statement, on behalf Read more »