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Asian Stock markets opened higher today. NIKKEI started the day at 10,096.89, previous close was 10,010.39. HANG SENG opened at 22,251.02, previous close was 21,987.29.

The markets have reacted positively after European Union leaders reached a new deal for Greece and other debt plagued eurozone countries. Another factor supporting the stock markets is strong Morgan Stanley results. As fear of contagion from Greece will engulf Spain and Italy fades away, investors are still cautious. Yesterday, S&P rating services reminded that the United States may lose its AAA credit rating if the U.S. lawmakers fail to raise the country’s debt limit before the deadline. Even though investors bet the U.S. will maintain its debt payments and keep its credit rating, the Japanese yen’s strength against the dollar is something that they can not ignore.

Asian session is going flat and calm today. EUR rallied to a two week high against USD yesterday after EU leaders agreed on Read more »

Asian Stock markets opened slightly higher today. NIKKEI started the day at 10,019.94, previous close was 10,005.90. HANG SENG opened at 22,054.42, previous close was 22,003.69. Strong gains made the day before on hopes that the EU leaders will come up with some solution, which doesn’t involve postponing, to solve the fiscal crisis. However, it seems that upside is limited as investors are still concerned about the U.S. debt limit. Deputy General Manager at Cosmo Securities, Mitsuo Shimizu said “Most investors are stuck to the sidelines today ahead of the EU summit and as nothing has been decided yet on the U.S. debt ceiling issue”. Even though President Obama backed a deficit reduction plan released by a bipartisan group of senators yesterday, there are still plenty of uncertainties over the U.S. debt ceiling talks. In addition, the U.S. lawmakers have less than 2 weeks to raise the country’s debt ceiling.

Asian session started the day with USD weakening Read more »

Asian Stock markets opened higher today. NIKKEI started the day at 10,008.00, previous close was 9,889.72. HANG SENG opened at 22,077.55, previous close was 21,902.40. Asian stocks are climbing on optimism that U.S. lawmakers will reach an agreement before the deadline. Another factor fueling investors’ expectation is strong U.S. corporate earnings. Fund manager at Shinkin Asset Management, Naoki Fujiwara said “The market may stay strong throughout the day on hopes that U.S. earnings will continue to cheer investors. If Intel Corp’s results later in the day are good, tech shares may continue climbing”. It seems that further gains will depend on Japanese corporate earnings due out next week.

Asian session is going flat today. We see some USD strength against other major currencies except JPY. Gold fell below $1,600 level after President Barack Obama backed a deficit reduction plan released by a bipartisan group of senators. The proposal, which seems to include constructive ideas to deal with the Read more »

Asian Stock markets are sliding slowly today. NIKKEI started the day at 9,921.50, previous close was 9,974.47. HANG SENG opened at 21,767.80, previous close was 21,804.75. Drop in U.S. stocks, concerns over European sovereign debt and the lack of progress in U.S. debt ceiling negotiations are the most important factors that are making the markets nervous. Senior strategist at Daiwa Asset Management, Yoshinori Nagano said “In the U.S., as well as concern about the economy, with the debt talks stalling the outlook for the country is still unclear. We are unable to see the end of the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, and fears are refusing to abate. The results of what is happening in Europe are beating down bank stocks here”.

Europe’s debt problem is getting very serious and President Obama is running out of time. U.S. dollar has been under pressure amid growing concern U.S. lawmakers will fail to reach a deal on the country’s debt Read more »

The Currency market is going flat during the Asian session while Asian stock markets opened lower. Fears of slowing U.S. economy and concerns slowing global growth are affecting the markets. NIKKEI started the day at 9,371.21, previous close was 9,380.35. HANG SENG opened at 22,806.98, previous close was 22,949.56.

Yesterday the euro dropped after a German official mentioning that a second Greek bailout was not yet certain. Later on, Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker’s comments fueled selling in the euro. In his speech he was saying that the euro was overvalued. Drop in the euro was limited as the market participants have been expecting a rate hike in July. At this point, the FX market is looking to European Central Bank meeting on Thursday. If ECB president Jean-Claude Trichet hints at a rate hike, the focus will turn toward interest rate differentials and it obviously pull money towards the euro.

Still many analysts think that a restructuring of Greece’s Read more »

Trading on the Forex market is an incredible experience that will make you completely live the moment as it is a job full of adrenaline. The Forex market is quit risky, so you always have to keep yourself up-to-date in order to make sure that you are on your winning path. As the Forex market is also very versatile, it will always provide huge quantities of adrenaline to traders. But, this is one of the few jobs that allow you to win big. So, if you become an experienced Forex trader, if you develop your sense of reality and if you manage to trade without letting your emotions confuse you, you will have the chance to gain big amounts of money by just working from your computer.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when trading Forex if you are serious about becoming a winner:

Stay updated with the news. If you are not Read more »

The Forex market is the market on which you can trade currencies on-line by making pairs of week and strong currencies so that, from the difference between the selling prices of the two, you can make profits. But how can you decide which are the most suitable currencies to be connected in a pair when there are so many differences between types of currencies all over the world? Moreover, how should you know when to sell and when to buy different currencies so as to have gains?

The first thing you should know is that all these elements are part of what specialists call a currency trading system. All the rules behind the currency trading system are developed and individualized by each trader as to suit his way of trading best and to generate earnings. It is important to have such a set of rules because, if not, you may and up changing your trading habits rather Read more »

The last few weeks have showed that the tendency of appreciation that is to be found on the commodities market is in a continuous growth due to the fact that the USD has continuously dropped when faced with its major counterparts and to the fact that there are a lot of geopolitical events going on in countries that provide elementary materials. The effects of this value growth are also to be noticed on the growth of several commodity currencies.

The situation in Libya and in the Middle East is to be responsible for the huge growth of the crude oil price in the last period of time. This has had a visible effect on the fluctuation inside the American Dollar/Canadian Dollar pair. The U.S. is faced with a potential oil crisis due to the decrease of its oil stocks that came as a result of the difficult situation in the Oriental world, so the handiest solution is Read more »


Forex Myths

You may know that the Forex is the market on which you can exchange currency, making profits by buying at a low price and selling at a high one. This kind of trading has spread a lot since we have on-line access to the economical markets and since the moment when more and more specialized Forex brokers started making an appearance. Even though there are plenty of books and posts either printed or on-line about the Forex market, there are still some myths that are running among Forex beginners:

  1. The most widely spread myth about Forex, which has been created by different PR and Marketing strategists is that trading on the Forex market is an easy thing to do. It is a common belief that trading for 2 or 3 hours a day can make you gain huge amounts. This is false as being successful on the Forex market requires just as much knowledge as Read more »

There is no way one can deny that the global financial markets are interconnected. This means that the way in which the Forex market evolves is highly related to the financial and macroeconomic statistics. And it is only normal for the currency rates to be affected by highly important financial news, statistic reports and geopolitical events.

The monetary actions are maybe the most important factor and the easiest one to decipher on the Forex market. The monetary policy decisions which are made by the central banks over a certain currency have an immediate impact on the Forex market. There is a very close relationship between the interest rate and the Forex activities. Difficult situation may occur if an interest rate is changed too fast or too slow or if an unpredictable comment is made about the future interest rate changes. One such example is provided by the situation occurred on the 18th of September 2007 in the Read more »