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The previous trading week has been dominated by an increasingly good sentiment which has known quite an expansion at the end of the week. This risk appetite has had quite a negative effect upon safe-haven currencies throughout the week, causing the most damages to the US Dollar which is already in a difficult situation due to the fact that banks all over the world are doing their best in keeping the value of the currency low so that the global economic crisis does not have so many bad consequences upon their economies.

Friday was the first day when the US Dollar started to grow a little, suggesting the fact that the risk appetite sentiment may be over. This growth has also been correlated with the fact that the European concerns are not yet totally over and with the fact that the fundamental data concerning the US showed some positive figures. The US manufacturing PMI grew from 50.8 Read more »

The effects of the economic problems around the world can be seen in the latest evolution of the Australian Dollar. The problems around the world have caused all economies to weaken due to the decrease in demand and to the concerns of investors. The Australian Dollar has ended a week of losses against most of its major counterparts, especially the US Dollar and the Euro. This is both due to the negative fundamentals Australia is faced with at the moment and to the decision taken by the Australian Central Bank of cutting the value of the interest rates.

It is important to know that the Australian Dollar is very much dependant on the way in which commodities perform due to the fact that Australia’s economy is based especially on exports. The fact is that commodities are under a lot of pressure at the moment due to numerous negative factors around the world. One of the main issues is Read more »