Even though the global economic situation finds itself on the recovery lane, not all countries in the world manage to take advantage of this benefic moment and there are some of them who are actually confronted with big problems. One of them is New Zealand, which has announced today that its... read more »

Despite the growth of the previous weeks during which the Aussie continuously grew upon all the major currencies, the previous week has brought some changes in its ascending lane due to the situation on the Asian market and to the worries related to the European sovereign issues. The continuous... read more »

The concerns related to the European sovereign issues caused large changes on the Forex trading market, causing some of the valuable currencies to fall by several percents. The entire financial market has been affected by these worries and the major impact that has been seen is the one on the... read more »

What has recently happened?

  • The FOMC minutes have showed an increasing divide in the approach for monetary policy
  • The American Dollar continues to face lows against the Euro for the 16th month in a row, period in which... read more »

    What has recently happened?

    • the Canadian factory activity grows at a high speed due to the fact that the Ivey PMI has hit a new five-year high
    • even though net employment may have fallen by 1,500 jobs in March, the total... read more »