In order to become a successful Forex trader you first need to master the theoretical background of this type of transaction, but also to develop a way of trading. It is not enough to open an account and throw money to it in order to become successful. You need to master information about all the... read more »

As the Forex trading market is the market which allows investors to trade the exchange rates of currency pairs, this means that it is essential for the success of an investor to make right decisions concerning the currency pairs or patterns which he or she would like to trend. This is the first... read more »

Even though there are plenty of persons who complain about the automated systems of trading Forex, there are still lots of Forex traders who prefer using them as the major inspiration for trading as it is far easier to trade that way. But there are some side effects to it. First of all, the... read more »

Even the most experienced Forex traders are sometimes faced with the mistake of entering the trading market at an early level. But this is rather a common mistake made by beginners. This happens due to the fact that the trader does not have the patience to let the market reach the good entry level.... read more »

On behalf of the accumulated debts that grow the concerns in the Euro Zone, the Euro continues to fall against the American Dollar since last November. The decision taken by the S&P today has counted as another factor which will lead to the decrease of the Euro as, by bringing the US credit rate... read more »