As the problems in the Eurozone go on unsolved, the Euro started to fall this week as optimism has turned into risk aversion. Of course, this change has been benefic for the Swiss Franc, which has registered growths on concerns related to the situation in the European Union. Even though there... read more »

Just like the previous wee, this week will find itself under the influence of the Group of Twenty meeting, which has managed to break one of the market’s trends in order to establish another. The most important evolution of the market is related to the fact that the risk aversion caused by the... read more »

The Euro is faced with difficulties due to the sovereign debt crisis, which tends to become worse in the European Union. Even though the Euro has had a positive week till the moment when Fitch Rating has announced the decision of downgrading Italy and Spain’s credit ratings, the end of the week... read more »

The Euro has been shaken by numerous problems in the last month. The situation in the Eurozone becomes worse each day and the Euro has problems holding on to its counterparts. The beginning of this month has turned out to be just as bad for the Euro as the previous month has been. This is due to... read more »

The global economic crisis continues to have great effects upon the trading market, influencing even the most powerful currencies around the world. Despite the few days of growths, most of the important currencies started to fall today as a result of the concerns related to the global economic... read more »