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The European currency slipped in Asian Trade, moving away from a seven-week high period against the Greenback and a 7-1/2 month high against the yen before the ECB meeting. The European Central Bank is expected to keep rates at 0.75% in the meeting of Thursday. Investors analyze to see if the President of ECB Mario Draghi will be willing to cut borrowing costs in the future. Teppei Ino, currency analyst at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi stated the following: “Ahead of the ECB meeting, the dollar and yen are being bought back after the euro’s rise.” The outlook for the yen was discredited due to the expectations of pressure received on the BOJ (Bank of Japan) to take easing steps after the elections of 16th of December. The latest Japanese polls show Shinzo Abe as favorite to win.

Deputy of BOJ, Kiyohiko Nishimura stated on Wednesday that the ECB is likely to debate if the monetary easing in September Read more »

The European currency managed to improve its position against the dollar in the last six weeks after the extension of Greek’s debt and the falling of the borrowing costs for the euro zone countries. Analysts state that Euro is likely to gain more in yields on Spain and Italy’s bonds drop lower. The European currency increased with 0.2% to $1.3083, the highest level since the 22nd of October. Traders state that if the currency succeeds to break above the $1.3100 level, it can stop loss buy orders. The head of FX research at Commerzbank stated the following: “We have had a general upward trend in euro/dollar for quite a while and people are looking at news in the euro zone like the debt buyback by Greece.” Greece’s buyback exceeded the market expectations and improved the chances of cutting the debt and receiving other financial aid.

Although the dollar is considered a refuge in these times of financial Read more »

Euro strengthened its position at the strongest level this month against the dollar after the US lawmakers reached an agreement regarding the fiscal cliff, reducing demand for safe assets. The European currency gained more for the first time in four days versus the yen as Italian and Spanish bond rallied. This led to optimism regarding the crisis easing and the improvement of the financial situation of Europe. Krona, Sweden’s national currency was appreciated against all the 16 major counterparts after the economy developed more than the analysts’ predictions. Sweden’s currency rose for the second day against the dollar after GDP increased 0.5% in the 3rd quarter. The currency increased to as much as 0.4% to 6.6201 per dollar.

John Boehner, speaker of US Republican House stated that he had optimism regarding averting the budget crisis. Adam Myers, director of foreign- exchange market strategy at Credit Agricole SA (ACA) stated the following referring to Boehner’s declaration: “There’s a bit Read more »

The yen dropped to the lowest level in the last six months against the dollar. The prospects of the Japanese elections expected the next month will transfer power to the opposite party that pleads to an aggressive monetary improvement. The greenback managed to gain against 16 other currencies as a report stated that the cost of living increased the previous month at a slow pace. Japan’s currency began to destabilize its level to a two-week low against the euro. The GBP has dropped to a 10-week low level against the greenback, as shown in the UL retail sales.

Jane Foley, senior currency strategist at Rabobank International in London stated the following: “The leader of Japan’s opposition is coming down quite heavily, saying what he would like the Bank of Japan to do in terms of easing and that’s pressuring the yen. The U.K. retail sales tie in with a gloomy outlook for the U.K. economy and that Read more »


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