In this Project Funding investor database there are around 720 investors that are willing to invest between $250k to $800k in good business and projects.


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Finding an investor is hard but finding the best invest is the hardest route. Do you know why?


Closing the deal of your life is what you have been dreaming of however think about the costs if this deal is jeopardized by a superficial relationship between you and your investor. You need to build credibility with him before jumping to any investment. It is extremely important that he understands you and the profile of your business. FundingSavvy is a specifically good resource that helps you find Venture Capitalists, Private Equity Companies, Private investors, Angel Investors and Limited Partner Investors for your industry. While reliability is a key factor in their business relations, professionalism and expertize are equally present.

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Finding a reliable investor is as hard as hunting a prey in the wilderness. Add the fact that you might not be the only hunter. So what do you do?

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Where do you turn to when you need $200.000 for your brilliant business idea? Easily manageable, Funding Savvy is an investor web-based platform where you can advertise your company like a seasoned entrepreneur. It is designed by experienced startup founders who understand the struggle you are being through. With your business idea being advertised to more than 5000 global investors you can safely go hunting.

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Today, more than ever, millions consider starting their own businesses and, for a good reasons.

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Switching careers might be daunting but not if you plan to start your personal business. However, to make the magic happen it is best to seek the help of an investor. Yes, you can proactively contact investors and might raise capital fast without the burden of spending too much time on the Internet or elsewhere without the slightest results. This is the main reason why you should access FundingSavvy. It is not time-consuming and offers you access to reliable global investors from across the world.

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The average investment that VCgate funded users get from investors might be around $2,257,600 USD. Most of the investors in our database can invest even MORE than that amount.


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More than $7,900,500 USD in active Funds and 5000+ investors


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These investors control more than $3 Trillion in active funds so getting a few millions from them is actually very easy.



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