What was my formula for raising money from angel investors?


Because most people are seeking angel investors, what I am about to tell you focuses on raising angel funding. Do you want to know which is my formula for raising money from them? Here it is:

1. Know What Angels Want 2. Protect Yourself 3. Find Investors 4. Contact Investors 5. Make Your Pitch 6. Close The Deal

Number 3 and 4, you can go through these steps by clicking on the link above. Time to find your angel investor, though.

Good luck, Peter

Your are running out of time. This is not what an entrepreneur would like to hear.


It is now or never. Building your company from scratch always stands on having a solid business plan created. Is the foundation of your company solid? If not, do not wait until it crumbles. All your effort and dreams might be hanging by a tread.

Act now! Scott Business Plan Template Department

Take this opportunity to try to find the funds you need:


Start talking directly to investors by using this amazing method and you might see the $2,100,000 funds [APPROVED] email from investor that likes your project.


If you are about to start out, you really need to do this right away. And the amazing news is that it is affordable to get started.


No matter how small or large your business is you must create a compelling business plan for your potential investor. The above business plan is an affordable tactic that will improve your chances to schedule a one on one meeting with a global investor. Interested?

Do not wait until this opportunity ends! Peter

If you need funding fast – in 90 days or less – you should try this not so old but not so new method.


Why should you try it?

1. It is fast. Once you close a deal with an investor you will get the amount in 90 days or less. 2. It is easy. All you have to do is click the above link and set the details. 3. No strings attached. You keep all the amount you receive.

Want to learn more? Don’t wait for anyone to take it from you. Peter

You can not possibly start and grow a business without funding. Are we on the same page?


Many great businesses have been started this way. A financial survey found that 40% started with $15K in financing or less and 60% started with less than $100K. In which category would you’d rather be? If you want to have your company financed by massive investors, consider that the innovation and uniqueness of your business are not enough. You need to know investors, you need to access a global network that will allow you to penetrate the funding market. Do you want to know how? Click the link above and start communicating with investors.

All the best, Peter

Many investors from our database can deposit even more than $9,253,070 USD into bank accounts of great startups or companies! maybe they will invest in your venture..

==> Click here to contact investors

Try our Funding investors database and find out…

Good luck,


Your application has now been APPROVED:


Now you can access this Funding Application.



I have personally followed this plan to build some multi-million dollar businesses…


And I am handing this secret to you. Having a business plan – that has helped many entrepreneurs close the deals of their lives – as a reference point is a gold mine. This is your chance to discover any weaknesses in your business idea and identify the strengths your investors will love. Do not wait any longer as it is a limited offer only for my favorite customers.

Buy it now, Peter

You know well that if you want to start a small business or expand an existing one you need to find money. How?


FundingSavvy has a great potential in helping you find investors. However, you need to identify which ones will invest in your business and then put together a compelling presentation. You can reach investors worldwide by using FundingSavvy that will give you access to more than 5000 investing companies. Calculate how much money you need for your business and start pitching the investors.

Do it now, Peter


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