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A lot of people want to study at British universities. This does not just go from British students who would have a natural bias, but those from all over the world. The United Kingdom is known for have some of the best higher education in the entire world. When compared to American universities, British universities are very good value for money.

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Scholarships are often conditional on certain things (no criminal record, writing reports, joining clubs, etc…)

7 Common Commitments and Obligations Regarding Univeristy or College Scholarships and Grants

When I was younger, my mother always told me that there was no such thing as a free lunch. Naturally, in my childish arrogance, I did not believe her. This made sense, because I did not pay for anything. Everything is free as a child. I know now, that I have to pay for all of my lunches. But what about when you are treated to lunch by a friend or colleague, you ask? This is free is it not?

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The RCC Institute of Technology (also known as the Radio College of Canada), was founded in 1928. It is one of the oldest technology institutions in Canada, and the only fully accredited private educational institution in Ontario which give bachelor degrees.

How is the RCC Helping South Asian Students ?

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Participation is quite simple. If you are a new student at the RCC Institute of Technology from one of the four aforementioned countries, you need to fill in the application form which can be found by following the link below, and pay a refundable deposit of CAD 300 once you have received news of your application being accepted.

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